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The full-automatic turn-over bottle washing machine is mainly used for the rinsing of glass bottles and polyester bottles. It is suitable for the full-automatic rinsing of liquor, beverage and brewing plants before filling.The production capacity is 3500-12,000 bottles per hour for users to choose from.The machine adopts
It is equipped with electric control elements and automatic flip bottle clamps. It has the function of automatically clamping and positioning the bottle mouth and automatic flushing.
The main features
The machine adopts the procedures of elastic powerful robot hand grasping, bottle-turning, bottle-flushing, bottle-controlling, turn-over and resetting, bottle-discharging and so on, realizing the full automatic production.
The principle of turbine-over pressure valve type impeller is efficient and the rinsing effect is stable and reliable.No bottle without washing, save water.
The speed of the bottle is controlled freely and the current production speed is displayed numerically.
The flip robot hand developed by the introduction of foreign advanced technology has the advantages of accurate bottle grip positioning and smooth turnover.The flush valve adopts the middle plunger guide shaft lip seal ring, which has good sealing performance, long service life and strong impact force
Quasi advantage.
Mixer tuming machine manipulator by stamping, precision casting process, the use of gb 304 stainless steel material, straight teeth gear transition between clamping form, make the clip bottles, bottle and put the bottle stable freely, make equipment realize high speed, high quality and
Rail sliding block, small gear, rollers are made of high quality polyurethane material, wear-resistant and practical, the purity of the material is guaranteed, and the parts have a long service life.The material is not subject to change in temperature.
In and out of the bottle, the guide cylinder screw and dial are processed by the processing center.The bottle was accurately imported into the guide rail of the bottle, which solved the problem of bottle extrusion, bottle sticking, bottle plugging and bottle breaking.
The bottles with different diameters and bottle height can be replaced by pressing up and down buttons and changing the dial of the corresponding bottle diameter.
The water separation principle of cylinder pipe water separation valve is adopted in the middle of the bottle flushing machine. The high-quality nylon pipe is directly connected with each water injection valve to ensure that water inlet is free and water separation is smooth in the process of high-speed rotation.
Pieces into the bottle to squeeze bottle, lift limit position, dial wheel device, in areas such as the main motor startup, equipped with limit trip protection switch, indicator lights, at the same time with high effective device to ensure safety in production.