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32-heads bottle washing machine

32-heads bottle washing machine

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Main features:
1. Save time and effort, high production efficiency, low water consumption, simple structure and convenient maintenance.
2. Suitable for new and old bottle flushing control of various bottle materials.
3. Spray the outer wall of the bottle, and clean the inner wall at the same time.
4. The surfaces of contact liquid parts are all made of high-quality stainless steel, corrosion resistant, beautiful and generous.It fully meets the national health standards.
5. The working efficiency can be changed according to the needs of customers by adopting non-pole speed regulating motor.
technical parameters: 
Production capacity:1000-2000 BPH. 
Hold up the number of bottles:32 pieces
Drain bottles of time:15-30 second 
Motor power:0.75kw 
boundary dimension:1000*1000*1300 mm 

1.The outer wall of bottle adopts nozzle spray, inside of wall flushing, wash bottle sanitation and clean, spray pressure can be adjusted by the size of the water inflow, applied to the different size and material of the new or old bottles washing.
2.The bottle inside wall wash by positioning flushing, washing mouth still fixed on the bracket, when the pump body contact with water and drainage holes, water through the nozzle pressurization flushing bottles head out of the bottle. 
3.Simple structure, convenient maintenance, using stainless steel water storage barrel, elegant appearance, corrosion resistance, high production efficiency, suitable for small and medium enterprises.
4.The machine adopts tap water pressure flushing bottle, can according to customer requirements with low pressure booster pump cycle and pressurization circulation flushing bottle, has wide scope.