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Packing platform and sealing machine

Packing platform and sealing machine

shandong jielite automatic packaging equipment


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Semi-automatic tape filling machine
Product description:
Applies to household appliances, textile, food, daily provisions, medicine, light industry, chemical industry and so on various products packaging, carton sealing, this paper carton sealing machine can separate sealing operation, can be matched with filling, strapping into use flow line, necessary equipment for packing assembly line work.
Technical parameters:
Sealing capacity: 18 cases/tape width: 36, 48, 60(mm)
Minimum box size: 150x90(mm); maximum box size: 500x750(mm)
Table height: 500-750mm external dimension (length x width x height) : 750x1600x1470mm
Weight: 180kg
Motor power: 0.18kw
Voltage: 220 v