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Wuhan J-Belle Science Technology Co.,Ltd

Wuhan J-Belle Science Technology Co.,Ltd

Wuhan J-Belle science technology co.,ltd


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We are a professional manufacturer of disposable tableware from China with more than 24 years experiences in this field.
Our main products are as below:
1.Polypropylene disposable plastic cup(150/190/200/230/250/300//320/360/400/450/500/600/700/1000ml)
2.Polypropylene disposable plastic bowl:200ml/300ml
A:Round bowl:360/500/700/800/1000/1250/1500/1750/2880ml round food container
B:Rectangle bowl:500/650/700/1000ml
3.Polystyrene disposable cup:60(2oz)/150(5oz)/180(6oz)/200(7oz)ml
4.Plastic cultery:polystyrene spoon,polypropynele spoon,polystyrene fork
5.Plastic plate:125mm pp plate,117/125/150mm ps plate