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Construction Building hoist

Construction Building hoist

Shandong Xingdou Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd


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Shandong Xingdou Equipment is focus on all kinds of rack and pinion driving vertical access machinery and Supply design, solution and OEM to all customers all over the world!

Construction building hoist, Tower crane mini hoist, industrial lift, mast climbing platform, Mast climber.
500kg-3000kg loading capacity passenger cum material constriction site building lift

Its main products include:
PLC construction lifts.
Low, medium, and high-speed variable frequency construction lifts.
Special purpose construction lifts, such as power plant cold water tower construction lifts, mini rack construction lifts for tower crane, and mine construction lifts.
Inclined construction lifts.
Small rack observation lift.
High-level test bed maintenance lift.
Other OEM type rack and pinion vertical lift.