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Performance of Filtration into Drinkable Water

Performance of Filtration into Drinkable Water

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UNIVERSE-EXPLORER Outdoor Water Purifier is the only 6-stage filtration outdoor water purifier which has complete intellectual property right to fill the gaps in the long term market of safely using surface water in field environment. It ensures the safe dringking water for people's health, and is able to clean vihicles and people with high pressure flushing function which combines cleaning and flushing scientifically. The features such as small volume, light weight, large water flow, automatic, all-weather are suitable for personal, family and group(10-40 people) use.
The filtration precision is 0.01micron which could reach 99.7% in filtrating bacterias, virius, organic poison, parasite, silt, heavy metal, biological pollutants, ect.
The service life of the filters is 1000L-1500L(According to the turbidity of the source water)
It meets the need of 10-40 people's water use of 180L-210L daily with only the power of the built-in lithium battery(64.38/Wh)
The working time of the device can be extended by external power supply(vehicle's cigarette lighter, spare batteries 160.95Wh and solar charging board)