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Floating hydro turbine generator

Floating hydro turbine generator

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No dams and/or head differential are necessary for the operation of this device; the course of a river remains in its natural state and no high investments in infrastructure are required. Because the amount of kinetic energy (velocity) varies from river to river, a greater amount of energy is generated with a higher velocity of water flow.

Applicable environment: Can be used for river,stream,canal creeks ditches,currents,sewage treatment,factories,,farm,factory circulating water,ocean and so on ,flow 0.6-2.6,/s
Applicable area:domestic farmhouse,romote base station,river neon lamp,tourist attraction,emergency equipment and so on

Mode of operation:This product is isolated from the island power generation applications,self installation,self generating,self control,stand alone power generation application system,the amount of power generated depends on the flow rate of the water,,reference to power curve
According to the different needs of rivers,streams and ditches,users can choose the column,slag cap,buoy and so on
The power generation system can on grid also