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Initial Adhesion Testing Equipment

Initial Adhesion Testing Equipment



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Product use:
Using the inclined ball method, when the short contact between the steel ball and the adhesive surface of the test specimen occurs with a slight pressure, the adhesion of the adhesive tape, label and other products to the steel ball is used to test the initial viscosity of the sample.

National Standard:
GB 4852, JIS Z0237

Operating Instructions Test Preparation:
1. Through the level meter, adjust the position around the feet to adjust the platform to a horizontal state
2. Rotate the five-star nut to adjust the angle of the test plane to the desired test angle
3. The test tape attached to the test plane
4. Select the test ball, take the ball from the largest number, in order to make it free to roll down, record stuck in the test piece to reach more than 5 seconds of the ball number. As the product adhesive tape initial viscosity value.
5 test is completed, remove the test sample, clean the machine.