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Big donut machine line intelligent panner

Big donut machine line intelligent panner

Beijing Zhongli Machineryscience&technologyCo.,ltd


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Beijing Zhongli Machinery Science and Technology Co.,ltd company supply new plant technology and innovative processes for the production of premium baked goods in the forming area for bakery company.
Our automatic dough belt production line can produce following products.
1) Pastry bread: croissant, flaky pastry and butterfly crisp. Durian crisp, egg tart, pie and so on
2) Flat bread : Mexico cakes, pizza, Chapati, pita , etc.
3) Best-selling baking products: donuts, toast, baguette.
4) Dim SAM: steamed buns, flower rolls, wife cakes, bean paste bun, etc.
Beijing ZhongLi focus on dough forming technology for more than ten years, we are China's high-tech and CE certification enterprises, want to know more of our information we welcome you visit our official website or email us directly:
Jennifer Cao Wechat:18910338595
Linked in :18910338595 Whatsapp:18911989838