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Ink Rub Abrasion Faded Test Machine

Ink Rub Abrasion Faded Test Machine



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1. use: Ink and print, color box wear resistance, decolorization degree test.
2. the principle:This machine judges the wear resistance and the degree of decolorization by rubbing between the measured material and the white wood forest paper.
Instrument installation:

The color printed product or finished product containing ink should be placed for 24 hours before testing. After cutting to a width of 60mm×210mm, it is fixed on the friction table, and the surface of the test article cannot afford to be unclean.

Experiment procedure:
After removing the upper friction body, the length and width of the white doline paper of 50 mm×200 mm were taken and fixed on the upper friction body (on the black rubber body).
1. the sample to be tested is fixed on the lower friction table in four steps.Second, the upper part of the paper wrapped with white wood is rubbed and fixed on the transmission arm, and the weight is set again. Open the calculator box and set the number of frictions. The friction speed is (21/42/85/106 times/minutes adjustable).
2. press the 0N/OFF switch, the number of friction can be automatically shut down for a set number of times.

Maintenance procedures:

1. clean: Keep the machine clean at any time, wipe the machine table with a cotton cloth before and after each use to keep it clean.
2.anti-rust: spray anti-rust oil on the surface of the machine once a week (after 2 hours of injection)
3. the oil: regular monthly lubrication of the sliding parts of the machine table (use ordinary lubricants can be)