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Friction color fastness tester

Friction color fastness tester



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The machine is suitable to test fabric dyes and staining degree after rubbing other materials can be measured fabric dry / wet rubbing fastness.The instrument is of integral design and is mainly composed of a base, a friction transmission mechanism and a counter. The sample and the sandpaper are fixed on one side of the base with a sample clamp, and the handle is shaken to make the friction head with white cotton cloth be specified on the sample. The reciprocating motion of the stroke causes the white cotton cloth and the sample to rub against each other, and after ten times of rubbing, observes and compares the degree of stickiness on the white cotton cloth with the gray card, and judges the dyeing of the fabric sample or the stability of the surface coating. The evaluation and selection provide reference data. This instrument is suitable for all fabrics on or in textiles such as yarn, yarn dyed, printing and dyeing, and toy products.