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Cito K Water Soluble Fertilizer

Cito K Water Soluble Fertilizer



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- Organic based.
- Nitrogen is in urea form.
- Can be applied in low ratios.
- Leaf application makes it easier to uptake plant nutrients.
- Cab be used on any kind of fruit, vegetables and ornamental plants.
- Increase sugar content in fruits
- Increases fruit size, taste, quality and maintains earliness.
- Decrease in vegetables node gap size.
- Solve the microelements oxidized in the soil and cannot be obtained by the plant and makes it easier to uptake it.

TOMATOES-PEPPER-EGGPLANT: At fruit set 0,3-0,5 kg/50l water in intervals of 7-10 days

POTATOES - SUGAR BEET: Depending on the development of the nodes 0,3-0,5kg/50 l water in intervals of 7-10 days

VINEYARD: After blooming in intervals of 10-14 days per da 0,3-0,5kg/50 l water

COTTON: 3 applications per da of 0,2-0,5kg/30-100 l water in intervals of 14 days after first blooming.

APPLE - PEAR: After the fall of the flag leaves application can be repeated after 250-400g/da due to requirement

PISTACHIO: After fruit set -23 times 250-350g/100l water 2-3 times

CARROTTE - ONIONS: After reaching plant's height of 10-15 cm per da 0,5kg/50 l water

CITRUS: After fruit set an application of 0,3-0,5 kg/100l per da in intervals of 14-21 day

OLIVES: 0,3-0,5 kg/50 l water per da

FRUIT TREES: While fruit set per da 0,3-0,5 kg/50l water and a repeat of application in intervals of 14 days 50-100 l water mix.

STRAWBERRY: An application of 0,5kg/da after blooming a repetition of 50-100 lwater in intervals of 7-10 days

RICE: After the set of 4th and 6th leaves 0,3-0,5 kg/da. Due to requirement the application

MEADOWS AND PASTURES: 0,5kg/10-25 l water/da

SHRUBS ORNAMENTALS: Soil drenches sensitive plants: 5 kg/1000 l

Foliar application: 1,25-2,0/kg/1000 l water