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6-Heads Filling Machine for Wine Sprite Brandy

6-Heads Filling Machine for Wine Sprite Brandy

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Gdz-10 automatic direct - column self - flow filling machine, this machine is 10 automatic quantitative liquid filling machine. It is suitable for filling liquid in round glass bottles and plastic bottles. The filling principle is to use time to control the filling amount when the liquid pressure is constant. This machine adopts PLC touch screen control, stable operation and convenient maintenance .After a small number of parts are replaced and appropriate adjustments are made, glass and plastic bottles of different heights and diameters can be filled.
Technical features and parameters :
1,Product model name :Gdz-10 automatic quantitative liquid linear filling machine
    2,number of filling valve:          10 pcs
production capacity:             600BPH-1200BPH
 4,Suitable for bottle diameter range:65 - 165 mm or square bottles of 65-140 mm   
5,Suitable for bottle height range:      180-430mm
6,Motor power :              1.5KW
7,Speed type:              Frequency control
9,Power voltage:            Three-phase 380V  power supply
10,Air supply:                 0.4-0.8MPa  0.1m3/minute
11,boundary dimension:         2400mm×1200mm×2400mm
12,Total weight:             600 Kg

      Main structure
The machine is mainly composed of the following parts
rack part
filling valve part
bottle position part
transmission line part
electrical part