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Aluminum can metal baler, ubc baling machine

Aluminum can metal baler, ubc baling machine

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Product Feature
1. The hydraulic driving is adopted for all types of machines. The manual and PC automatic control operations are optional.

2. No foundation bolts for installation. The diesel engine can be equipped as driving at the place without power supply.

3. Turning over bag type and pushing bag type are used for bag coming out.

4. Extruding force has 8 classes, from 63 tons to 400 tons and production rate is from 0.5 tons per hour to 20 tons per hour.

5. The chamber box size and bale size can make according to clients' requirements, can add two sides of knives on the chamber box.
Product Specification / Models
Hydraulic driving

Manual operation or PLC control

No foundation bolts for installation

Diesel driving if no power supplying
Application / Models
Hydraulic baling machine are dealing with metal leftover material, steel shavings, scrap steel, scrap aluminum,scrap copper and other metal materials. It can press these materials into qualified furnace charges in shapes of cuboids, cylinders, octagons and other shapes, so as to reduce the cost of transportation and smelting.

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