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Precision double pulse spot welding machine

Precision double pulse spot welding machine

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RT-DH200 series battery assembly microcomputer precision welding power source adopts double pulse welding way, it is the present domestic advanced level high performance inverter resistance welding machine, designed for the production of high-end mobile phone batteries, power battery, digital lithium battery, nickel cadmium battery for and design.
RT-DH200series precision ac resistance welding power source adopts Japanese inverter technology, microcomputer control technology and modern power electronic technology development of new power. Since using AC, DC, AC, DC transform technique, time control to achieve millisecond level precision, control response and control accuracy greatly improved; Dc output make welding manufacturability significant improvement; Inverter technology still make equipment has small, energy saving efficiency and a series of advantages; Microcontroller (MCU) and electronic technology using the equipment have modern equipment of excellent functions, including digital control, monitoring, fault diagnosis and protection, data transmission, equipment, the function is all ready, agile and convenient, wide adaptability.
Applications: battery combinations, power batteries, mobile phone batteries, mobile power, LED, wire, mobile hardware, lighting hardware, lamps, precision hardware, relays, fuses, circuit breakers, semiconductor components , etc.