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Support Infertility - PhytoCeutics

Support Infertility - PhytoCeutics

Phytoceutics Healthcare Pvt.Ltd


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Welcome to Phytoceutics, an ISO 9000,GMP, HACCP,HALAL and Pharmaxil certified herbal pharmaceutical company,

We are first to introduce a poly herbal formulation to correct each and every root cause of Polycystic Ovarian syndrome (PCOS) -CAP.V-PCOS

We are first to launch concept of Super Baby (Shrestha Aapatyam) by providing essential nootropic herbs throughout pregnancy to improves cognitive functions of the offspring's.-CAP.FBD

We are first to launch a herbal formulation for IUGR and Oligohydraminous by improving microcirculation alogwith providing most natural form of amino acids.- CAP.IUGRCARE

We are first to introduce herbal formulation for ovulation induction which acts on folliculogensis and rupture of follicle. And duration of treatment is just like a clomiphene citrate. - CAP.LHSURGE