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Plastic, silica gel and rubber sorting equipment

Plastic, silica gel and rubber sorting equipment

Hua County Daokou Big Dipper Electrostatic Separation Facility Factory


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Scope of application:
It is mainly used for the sorting of silica gel, rubber and plastic in the fixed plastics after the crushing of waste household appliances plastics and other plastics, PP plastic and silica gel in medical infusion bottle and infusion bag, waste battery jar and silica gel plug after breaking, plastics and silica gel in electrical broken materials.
Structural feature:
1. Pure physical sorting, without any pollution, there is no environmental pressure; equipment energy consumption and operation cost are low.
2. To ensure the accuracy and reliability of the equipment sorting, the core components of the equipment adopts imported brands, the control part adopts PLC automation control and 11-inch man-machine interface touch screen;
3. The inner part which contacts with the material adopts stainless steel and chrome plating, which increases the sorting accuracy and prolongs the service life of the equipment.
4. By using the principles of mirror friction and bouncing, the plastics, silica gel and rubber are accurately separated, and the highest sorting purity can reach more than 99%.
5. The equipment is equipped with adjustable automatic feeding system, material lifting system, sorting system, automatic feed return and finished material discharging system. It can be operated by one person.