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Ultrasonic food cake bread pizza cutter

Ultrasonic food cake bread pizza cutter

Handan Meishun Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd


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Meishun Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd offer an innovative food processing by using ultrasonic food cutter.
The ultrasonic blade which called sonotrode vibrates at high frequencies of 20kHz or 40kHz, and this high-frequency vibration reduces the friction resistance at cutting surface. This low-friction cutting make a blade cut the food products smoothly. It brings clean and beautiful cutting surface for various food products.
Also, ultrasonic cutting reduces the chips of foods during cutting. Which will reduces the downtime to clean up your production system.
Our ultrasonic food (cake) cutter will be able to install easily in your current production system.
If some trouble was happened at ultrasonic equipments, the ultrasonic generator output the error signal to customer's PLC. The system can detect the trouble and stop the system immediately.