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laptop cell phone repair BGA rework station

laptop cell phone repair BGA rework station

Shenzhen Dinghua Technology Development Co., LTD.


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1. Automatic desoldering, Mounting and Soldering, automatic pick up chip when desoldering completed.
2. Chip auto feeding system enabled.
3. HD CCD Optical Alignment for precisely mounting BGA. CCD lens auto Folding & streching.
4. CCD with split vision, two-color separation, and autofocus functions.
5. Panasonic Servo Driver, top head and CCD movements are quiet, stable and accurate.
6. Indepdent PLC control. Laser Positioning for Fast Positioning BGA Chip and motherboard.
7. Most advanced inner software, dedicated for next generation precision chip level repairing.
8. Login mode enabled. Admin mode, engineer mode, operator mode. Avoid miss or wrong operation.
9. Widely used in motherboard chip level repairing, can rework BGA, PGA, POP, CPGA, PBGA, QFN, TQFP