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ultrasonic bread cutter

ultrasonic bread cutter

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CHEERSONIC develops ultrasonic food cut equipment, which is an independent ultrasonic food cutting equipment. It can be used to cut bakery, frozen food, snack food, cutting patterns. Various rectangular, square, triangular, diamond and fan shape. Company or bakery. This ultrasonic food cutting economical equipment is equipped with high quality titanium alloy cutting tools, which is developed by CHEERSONIC Ultrasonic to achieve the best cutting effect.
- Manual operation
- Self-adjusting cutting mode and size
- Simple and inexpensive equipment for small bakery applications
- Clean and easy to clean
- Easy to cut, to prevent sticking knife phenomenon
- Cutting patterns are diverse, rectangular, square, triangular, rhombic, fan-shaped
- Wide range of cutting objects, frozen products, including cream products can adapt
- Custom cutting models can be customized according to customer requirements