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YALAN 587 Mechanical Seal

YALAN 587 Mechanical Seal

YALAN Mechanical Seals


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Basic Features
Structure: Single-End
Pressure: High Pressure Mechanical Seals
Speed: High Speed Mechanical Seal
Temperature: High Temperature Mechanical Seal
Performance: Corrosion
Standard: Standard
Model NO.: 587
Balance: Balanced
Specification: Inner Diameter: 38 mm, 48 mm, 53 mm, 65 mm, 90 mm
Product Detailed Description
587 Mechanical Seals for Paper-making Equipment and other ANDRITZ Industrial Pumps

Structural Features: single-end, balanced, independent direction of rotation, still spring mechanical seal.

Industrial Standards: Not available right now.

Scopes of Application: widely used in paper pulp pumps, pharmacy, oil refining, food processing, and chemical processing. This component can work on ANDRITZ pumps.

Operation Parameters:
Pressure: 0 ~ 2.5 MPa
Temperature: - 40 ~ 230 ºC
Linear Speed: 23 m/s or less
Mediums: paper pulp and other fluids with fine powder.

Customization: Changes of materials for getting other operating parameters are possible. Contact us with your requirements.