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Working principle: The angle steel is lifted into the translation mechanism or into the roller table, and sent to the closed shot cleaning room by the roller conveyor system. The impeller with high speed is used to accelerate the wire cutting pellets to the surface of the workpiece. The impact of the workpiece surface, scraping to remove the rust and dirt on the workpiece surface, and then use the roller brush, the pilling spiral and the high-pressure blow pipe to clean the pellet and dust on the surface of the workpiece, remove the rusted steel directly into the spray booth, Through the spray gun installed on the upper and lower spray paint cars, the shop maintenance primer is sprayed on the surface of the workpiece, and then enters the drying room to dry so that the paint film on the steel surface reaches the dry state and is quickly sent out after the material is discharged, so that the steel reaches the derusting The purpose of rust prevention. The entire process achieved the purpose of rust removal, rust prevention and surface hardening. After blasting treatment, it can obtain a smooth surface with a certain roughness, increase the spraying adhesion, and improve the surface quality and anti-corrosion effect.