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Roller through type shot blasting machine

Roller through type shot blasting machine

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Q69 series pass-through shot blasting machine is suitable for surface rust removal of steel plates, flat profiles and structural parts in ships, automobiles, rolling stock, bridges, machinery and other industries. It can clean all kinds of steel plates, steel sections and components. The number of shot blasting devices is designed according to the output workpiece size. The projectile cleaning device on the surface of the workpiece can be equipped with an automatic unloading device. The workpiece is sent from the conveyor roller path to the closed blast cleaning chamber, and the impeller with high speed is used to accelerate the steel wire pellets (projectiles) to the surface of the steel plate or workpiece. The surface of the workpiece is impacted and scraped to remove the workpiece surface. The rust, oxide scale, and dirt make the workpiece rust-proof and rust-proof.