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shot blasting machine for steel sheet

shot blasting machine for steel sheet

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The concrete shot blasting machine mainly solves the defects when the concrete surface layer is treated. It can remove the laitance and impurities on the surface of the concrete at one time, and can roughen the surface of the concrete to make the surface even and rough, which greatly improves the waterproof layer. The adhesive strength of the concrete base layer allows the waterproof layer and the bridge surface to be better combined with each other, and at the same time, it can fully expose cracks in the concrete and prevent the problem from occurring. Centrifugal shot blasting machine is an efficient, clean and dust-free method for the treatment of impurities with hard surfaces. This method is often used. Shot blasting equipment inside is a high-speed rotating impeller, abrasive, dust and Impurities are cleaned up to the debris recycling machine. The cleaned steel pellets can be recycled. The shot blasted concrete surface is clean and hard with a more uniform texture. On a barrier-free horizontal surface, this This method is particularly suitable