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Holykell HPT604 Submersible Water Level Sensor

Holykell HPT604 Submersible Water Level Sensor

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HPT604 is a submersible water level sensor transducer suitable for liquid level or pressure and depth measurement. It made of 316 SS housing. Its all stainless steel, suitable for immersion in most industrial liquids and oils.The welded housing is tested in-house via a helium leak tester to ensure proper protection. Each submersible pressure transducer features a removable nose cone at the sensor which protects the diaphragm from damage.Ventilation tube in the cable automatically compensates for changes in atmospheric pressure above the tank. The HPT604 Submersible fuel / water level sensor can be used to measure water level, fuel level and other liquid level; well depth; groundwater level; bore well, underground water, river etc,.