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3V Double Color Fishing Light Introduce Video

3V Double Color Fishing Light Introduce Video

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Wide using scope is another important reason to make fishing net lights popular.
1. Mark the fishing net position to remind people avoiding to break the fishing net.
2: Show the position of a person in order to be found or rescued easily.
3: As a lure light to attract fish go into the fishing net for the fishing industries.
4: Although it is called fishing light, yet it can be the traffic warning light on the road.

Fishing net light we also call it as LED flash light.
Why is it so hot saled and popular? As the LED fishing net lights have following functions and advantages:
1: Have the very good waterproof effect with IP68.
2: No need the button or control, the light can be flashed at night or dark and turn off in the daytime automatically with the light-operated.
3: Easy to replace the battery, low cost of D battery or AA battery.
4: More choice for different needing:
Battery Type:one D battery, two D battery or AA battery.
Available Color: Red Yellow Green Blue White, etc. Single color, bicolor or tricolor.
5: Clear visible distance: 2 KM.