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Lash kit

Lash kit

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Wholesale all kinds of individual eyelash extensions training kit lash tools kit accessory

You can buy from us at one stop service
1.Black Air Pump or Blowers
2.Mascara brush 5 piece/bag
3.Training lashes 5 pairs/piece.
4.Eyelash extension location paper 1 piece
5. Micro applicators 10 piece per bag
6.Lint free eye patches 2 pairs
7.Luxury high accuracy Eyelash Tweezers two piece.
8.Jade stone 1 piece
9.Round or square Reusable Silicone Pad Holder one piece.
10. Disposable Glue Rings 10 piece
11. Plastic lash bridges 1 piece
12. Eyelash surgical tapes 1 piece
13. Eyebrow scissor 1 piece
14. Glue delayed sticker 1 Piece
15 . Eyelash extension location paper 1 piece
16. Mannequin Training Flat Head 1 piece
17.Individual Eyelash extension 1 tray.
18.Volume Eyelash extension 3 trays.
19. Eyelash extension Glue 15 ml ( only used on the Practice mold not real person)
20. Glue cleanser ( clean the glue on the brush and jade stone etc)
21. Eyelash cleaning liquid 80 ml 1 bottle.
22. Cosmetic bag ( random colors)
( Please note, one set of eyelash extension kits based on the above list, few part of the below products not included only for show, you also can contact us to add extra lash accessories.)