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Round Straw Smashing Baler

Round Straw Smashing Baler

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Square Baler
Model: 9YFQ-2.2
Main composition: pickup device, smashing device and pull-out conveyor, compression piston, compression chamber, baler, knot-tying device, transmission system, rack, traction frame and protective cover.
Matched power: tractor of 60hp and above.
Moving manner: constantly moving on the grass ridge of wheat and grazing straw form one line t another.
Main parameters:
Pickup width: 2.24m
Sectional area of bales(mm): 360×460
Bale length(mm): 300-1300
Piston operation: 100/min
Output shaft speed of the matched power: 540 R/min
Size(mm): (length×width×height)5200×2900×1720
Products characteristics and advantages:
1.The forced disjointed knotting device is adopted from German. It has a steady performance, a longer working life, whose working life is twice longer than the imported one. Its baling rate can reach to 98%.
2.The machine is equipped with symmetric longitudinal axis and has a steady performance and is easily operated. It can adapt to both small piece of land and uneven land.
3.Picking and cutting structure of the machine can cut, pick and smash straw in any condition
4.The traction frame is equipped with rotary structure, which can strengthen the buffer function of the machine on an uneven land, and reduce the twist of the tractor and baler's junction.
5.The forage delivery pipe adopts hollow packing auger structure. The packing auger is not easily twisted because of its high strength. It sends material smoothly and is not easily choked.
6.An electric fan is placed at the front end of the knot-tying device, which can timely blow grass cuttings and dust away, improving constantly the working environment of the knot-tying device.