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Straw Pickup Baler

Straw Pickup Baler

Qufu Xinyang Machinery Technology Co. Ltd


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The characteristics of Straw Baler:
1.It is equipped with elastic tooth, which facilitates to pick up straw smoothly and lower the loss ratio of the straw.
2. Transmission device is symmetrically displayed, and it has a lower gravity and a good stability. Roller is made by stamping procedure with a high strength.
3.Rope-sending procedure is composed of worm reducer driving four-bar linkage, working steadily with a high baling rate.

Hemp rope's morality when used in straw baling;
1.Hemp rope is a kind of plant fibre, which can be directly ate by livestock without affecting their health, while the plastic rope does not have this function.
2.The bale bound by hemp rope can be directly sent into the paper mill, while the plastic rope has to be unbound, because the plastic can not be mixed into the paper pulp.
3..The cost of the hemp rope is lower than the plastic one.

Main parameters;
Model: 8070(round)
Brand; Xinyang
Pickup width;80cm
Matched power; 25-50 horsepower
Size: 130×130×135 cm
Weight; 440kg
Working efficiency: 2-5km/hour
Size of its tires: 16-6.50 -8-4pr
Matched PTO rotate speed; 540 r/min
Bale weight; 25-35kg
Bale size; diameter*width 61×70 cm