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Granule Producing Machine

Granule Producing Machine

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Main characteristics:
1.Material can be kept dry no matter in or out of the machine. There is no need to dry it. It adopts differential mechanism and cardan gear; it is equipped with motor or diesel engine; it is convenient to operate with a much lower noise.
2.Grass powder can be made into granule without water or with little water, which keeps pellet feed's moisture at a much lower level and is convenient for storing.
3.The machine produces pellet feed with a higher hardness, smoothness and internal maturation, which can improve the nutritional digestive absorption. The granule procedure kills parasites and other pathogenic microorganism and reduces bad effects on digestion and other digestive system disease through the procedure, which makes the pancreatic enzyme resistance factor of grains and beans have the denaturation effect. Compared to other mixed powder feed, this kind of granule can make much more economic benefits.
4.This machine contains stirring, mixing and suppressing procedure with 2 pinch rollers in its suppressing part. The suppressing procedure produces high pressure and temperature, bringing rich paste fragrance. The granule is very firm, which is very suitable to pigs, cows and mutton.
5.The size of granule can be adjusted. The machine produces columnar pellet feed, round and pure organic fertilizer, organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer and bio-organic fertilizer with round, smooth, even granule; it can adopt to different materials and ensure suppression effects;it is easy to feed and improves nutrient absorption conversion rate to 300%.
6.It is widely applied to produce granule by the organic waste gas from animal husbandry, small and medium farms and feed mill, is the best choice for animal husbandry.
Key words:
Adjustable granule size; easy to operate; lower noise