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Characteristics of the Double-deck Field Mower

Characteristics of the Double-deck Field Mower

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(1). The machine contains a small four-wheel tractor hanging forward. It is composed of hanging, lifting, transmitting and cutting mechanism, designed simply and arranged tightly.
(2). The rising and falling of the machine is operated by a hydraulic handle of the tractor. Achieving the rising and falling procedure through lifting the pull rod by lifting arm, steel wire rope and pulley mechanism.
(3). The power is transmitted by flywheel of the tractor and the belt pulleys of the machine is placed between the two gear cases. Two flywheels are placed in the same level surface with a tighter structure.
(4). Protective guard and protective cover is placed at the front end of the machine; its dish-shaped cutterhead makes a certain angle between the rotating cutter and the ground, ensuring the safety during the operating procedure.
(5). 1.Drive system of the machine is very reliable and Its cutter bar is gear-drove and is lubricated by oil, which offers high reliability, strong durability and a good performance.
(6). .Cutter of the machine is durable. Its blade edges have a longer service life and a better cutter performance after a special thermal treatment.
(7). Protective device is reliable. The safety device lubricated by the lubricating grease is capable of avoiding barriers and keeping the machine from damage.
(8). The machine has much matched power. It can be matched to the three-point rear suspension tractor of 18.4-36.8kw. Preparing six-keyway and eight-keyway coupling mechanism connecting to the tractor for the customers.