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Straw Shredding and Returning Machine

Straw Shredding and Returning Machine

Qufu Xinyang Machinery Technology Co. Ltd


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Product name: JHT series straw shredding and returning machine
product specification: 0.9-3.6 m
The knife type classification: straight knife; scimitar; Hammer claw knife; two-bent and one-straight type knife; four-bent and one-straight knife type.
Product characteristics:
1.Double shield; the machine is equipped with double shield both inside and outside of the machine. Stationary knife is fixed on its inner shield. Changing the stationary knife only is totally proper If the inner shield is worn, ensuring the working life of the machine is above 3 years.
2.Enlarged bearing and thicker axes: the bearing and bearing block of the machine is strengthened, reducing the working accident rate and improving the working efficiency.
3.Special-made knife: the special-made knife processed by solder plating has a strengthened abrasive resistance. A pair of knifes can process for about 83-133 acres of areas.
4.Functions: the machine should be matched with a big tractor, smashing both standing and fallen maize straw, cotton straw, oil seed rape straw and sorghum straw and returning them to the field.