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Silage Baler and Wrapper

Silage Baler and Wrapper

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Silage Baler and Wrapper
(1). The advancement of the latest automatic opening and packaging machine with electrical integration lies in its automatic opening and packaging procedure. It can automatically wrap rope, open and close the door of the machine according to the set time. The density of the bale can be adjusted by counter according to the moisture of the bale, ensuring that the weight of each bale is maintained around 85-90kg, which guarantees much higher density and a better ferment effect than other similar products in the market.
(2). This set of round straw silage baler includes scrubbing machine, baler and wrapper. It can coordinate very well by numerical control system's operation with pneumatic system, electronic sensor and the mechanical and electrical integration. Thus, one or two person can finish the task instead of seven persons.
(3). The model xy-5552 can make the bound round bale automatically or mechanically roll into the wrapper working warehouse through the transformation of the baler and wrapper.
(4). The baler and wrapper can stop or start working through the following methods by the automatic control of the weight.
A: Add 3 electrical sensors under the machine. When reaching the weight needed, it send out signals, stopping the automatic feeding procedure.
B: Add three pressure springs under the machine. When the machine gets the weight it needs, the springs can reach to the button of the working procedure, stopping seeding the feed.
(5). The bale is automatically unloaded through the air cylinder or the mechanical devices. The layer of the grass silage film is determined by the set time and electric appliance. In the silage baler, the thread is drove by Complex screw instead of chain. And a set of transmission belt device is newly added in front of baler.