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Straw Curtain Weaving Machine

Straw Curtain Weaving Machine

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Straw Curtain Weaving Machine
The machine adopts lever drive, which solves the weaving drawbacks of the traditional ones. The weaving machine adopts a new type, has a steady performance, is easily and safe to operate. Its stitch length and processing speed can be adjusted; the weaving thread is not easy to be severed; it can automatically trim edges. One machine has many functions with various types and good performance.
Taking wheat straw, rice straw, grass and lepironia as raw materials, we can use it to produce the small wracking straw curtain with a thickness of 0.5 cm, can also produce heat retaining curtain applied to shed. The machine can be wildly applied to the greenhouse, brickyard, turf, road surface.
3.Main parameters:
Matched power; two-phase motor/220v/
Size; 1m/1.5m/1.8m/