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Plant Protection Drone

Plant Protection Drone

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(pesticide)spraying drones' characteristics:
1.It is safe and very efficient. It adopts multi-rotor flight, which ensures a good and steady performance of flight during the working procedure. It has a proper flying speed and is equipped with perfect flying device. The drone is capable of keeping a steady flying distance from crop. With such an efficient scale operation, it is at least dozens of times as efficient as the ordinary drones. Additionally, it saves labor form constant contact with pesticides through automatic flight control and keeps labor safe.
2.It is easy to operate. It works with an automatic flight control system, by which it can be applied to different terrain and altitude, standing in front of the field to finish the field work. Before it flies and works, it should be well equipped with map guides in its inner control system. With such a device, it can automatically finish the field work loading with spraying device. Additionally, people can know the on-spot spraying situation by the hand-hold ground station.
3.It works with a perfect effect: it sprays with a large density and good prevention effect. The drone is equipped with 18 spiral wings, which can help the pesticides to penetrate through the crop and reduce the loss of pesticides. Besides, the deposit rate and covering areas of the pesticides are much better than that of ordinary ones.
4.It has a low cost: it saves water and pesticides and has a low maintenance cost. Multi-rator drones adopt mist spraying model, which can help to save pesticides about 50%, greatly reducing the resource cost. The drones have a low rate of depreciation and a low consumption and are easily to maintain.