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100% handmade mink eyelashes

100% handmade mink eyelashes

chisonhair company


Uploaded on 1 year ago

Permanent curl
Gives you instant length and volume
Easy to apply and remove
Alluring, natural-looking lashes
Can custom-made packing
1. Handmade crafts
2. Real natural mink fur, very soft
3. Tidy and good shape
4. Various styles available
5. Individual or pairs in one PVC case
6. High style false eyelash
7. OEM is welcome
8. Minimum order quantity: 10 pairs

Black/white plastic box packing
10 small plastic boxes per medium paper box
OEM service
We can print your own card paper and produce the mink eyelash into your own card paper with your logo

Delivery lead-time:
Delivery cost depends on your order quantity within 24 hours after paying
For small order, needs 2-3 days to the US or Canada, 3-4 days to Europe or other continent, 5-7 days to Africa