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field manage machine

field manage machine

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Field manage machine
1.The machine is equipped with a remote operation with a remote distance of 100m. it has tuning, moving, stopping, lifting and falling functions, which can completely solve some problems, such as being not able to move forward or fruit damage. It saves people from health problems caused by touching pesticides, satisfying different working demands in different environment.
2.It has a strong ability to climb slopes above 30o, while the products in other companies can only climb slopes of 15o, which is an ideal option for the hills and mountains areas.
3.The drone body is properly designed and the machine can be easily and flexibly operated. It has a perfect performance for working over the jungle or thicket. At the same time, it is able to avoid the reduction of output caused by the harm to the crop.
4.The machine adopts chassis system of caterpillar band, which ensures safety in the rainy and snowy days; it has a stronger traction, which makes working on complicated environment like slopes and low-lying land much easier.
5.The machine satisfies great demands from gardens, greenhouses, nursery stock and flowers and the like, which can finish tasks like plough, ditching, fertilization, backfill, bulldozing, weeding and pesticides spraying, is now the most popular field manage machine.
Model engine Rated power(kw) Gear box gears(back and forth)