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crop straw rubbing filament machine

crop straw rubbing filament machine

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Uploaded on 2 years ago

Straw rubbing filament machine can be applied to run and cut rice straw, wheat straw, peanuts vine, sweet potato vine, green and dry straw, maize and cotton straw, vitex chinensis. The processed forage grass is very soft and has no hard knotting. It has a good palatability and feed intake, and is more easily chewed.
It can not only process silage maize straw, but also process yellow corn silage maize straw. It can cut straw into small pieces and rub them, which is different from the traditional ones. It can improve straw forage feed's fermentation area, decomposition efficiency of crude fibre, the palatability and digestability of straw coarse fodder and also the grazing rate. The straw rubbed by the machine is easy to be baled for silage.