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China-Europe rail transportation

China-Europe rail transportation

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The number of China-Europe railway trains has increased significantly in recent years. More cities can be arrived directly, and throughout transportation time shortened. This development will alter trading patterns between Europe and Asia.
I am Caroline Liu from Sinospeed international transportation co.,ltd company. Our company provides customers with safe and efficient logistics services as following:
1. International multimodel transport, sea-rail combined transport, air-rail combined transport, etc.
2. LCL/FLC, GP/HQ/Special containers (OT, RH, DC, etc.), Express/Mail
3. Door to door, CFS to CFS, CY to CY
4. Customs clearance, 24 hours * 7 days service
5. Transit transport
China-Europe rail transport save at least 50% time to sea freight and 50% costs to air freight!
For example, the freight train from China to Hamburg takes 17 days while the sea transport takes 35days generally. You can get more information from the attached files.