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Sink grinding machine

Sink grinding machine

Foshan Keliwei Machinery Manufacturing Company


Uploaded on 1 year ago

This machine is specialized for griding wall corners of handmade sinks,which are welded and not smooth.In order to make sinks stay on the clamp firm,two sticks,which are installed with magnet on its head,would press two edges of sinks to the clamp.The grinding arm,which contains a rotatable belt made of abrasive materials,would start to grind corners from top to bottom and return.

To set a program for one kind of handmade sink is easy as well.There are only two parameters of the bottom position should be record,the pressure and the depth of the sink.It is very easy to use the machine as well,push one button and the machine would grind sinks automatically.It only take less than 1 minute to grind one corner.