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INTRODUCE VIDEO - Smart LED lamp "Luna Square"

INTRODUCE VIDEO - Smart LED lamp "Luna Square"

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Uploaded on 1 year ago

1. What's Luna Square?
Luna Square is the most convenient and safety mood lamp in the world. The main functions are On/Off, brightness adjustment, timer, and motion switch that can be operated using a smartphone application by Bluetooth connection.

By use of the low power 4W LED, release a lower amount of heat, thereby ensuring safety against burns. Which will result in monthly electricity charges of 400 won or lower even if you use it all day long, every day. As simple and modern design, you can have a great interior effect anywhere you put it in the house.

2. Main functions
- Brightness adjustment
· Fine adjustment of the brightness level ranging from 0 to 100%
· Easily adjustment of the brightness five level using the touch switch.

- Timer
· Set the 6-level timer at 10-min intervals(max. 60-min)

- Motion switch
· Turn on/off the device by lightly shaking your smartphone left and right until vibrations occur.

- Auto pairing
· It can be used at any time within a certain range of Bluetooth communication.

- Memory
· The last brightness setting remains, so even if you turn the power off and on again, the brightness remains the same.