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Flowerpot,Fleshy flower,Ceramic planter,panda

Flowerpot,Fleshy flower,Ceramic planter,panda

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We specialize in hand-made flower pots, and pay much attention to the user experience and aesthetic feeling of the flowerpots. Our flower pots are created inspired by nature, selecting high quality crude pottery clay, completes by high temperature glaze firing after hand shaping.
The crude pottery clay material and the bigger bottom holes design make the flower pots very breathable, which are very conducive to the growth of the succulent plants.
In addition, we adopt multiple elements to reflect the overall vision of flowerpot, such as stereo modelling,
concave & convex lines and patterns, multicolored colors, etc., making our flower pots full of stories, sense
of layering, with stereo visual effect.
In order to provide you a variety of beautiful flower pots, ours are only created basing on and respecting the craftsmen's inner thoughts. Each flower pot is the only one as you see, and they will not be duplicated. We don't accept customized services for the time being.