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Automatic glass processing equipment

Automatic glass processing equipment

Guangdong Northglass Juisun Technology Industry Co., Ltd.


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Item Name: Shaped glass cutting-breaking-grinding-drilling line.
1.Fully automatic line from auto loading-cutting-breaking-grinding-drilling for shaped glass. . 2.To eliminate damage during processing various shaped glass, improve grinding and drilling quality, ensure pass rate and save lots of manual operation. It's the perfect choice for modern glass processing.
3.Fully self-owned core technology allows to select different configurations or combine with different production lines so as to meet the requirements of processing various glass and different process technique. The line is designed for small lot production with high precision. It's suitable for those industries that require higher quality and efficiency on grinding or drilling automotive, home appliance, photovoltaic or touch screen glass. 4.Germany Rexroth control system, liear THK guide rail and Germany Alpha speed reducer to ensure process accuracy effectively.
5.Auto cooling water recycling device, no water splashing during grinding to allow non-damage on glass surface during processing. 6.Germany hydraulic holder for drilling tool,easy for disassembly.