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Smart Luminous Glass Cup

Smart Luminous Glass Cup

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This is a collision introduction Luminous glass with solar charging .The glass is made of high quality glass without heavy metals,It is healthy and environmental friendly. The waterproof coefficient is up to IP67 with the high transparent pouring glue, which ensures the safety of the battery.The product uses advanced solar wireless charging mode,supportting indoor incandescent lamp charging.It is only needs 3h to be fully charged and the endurance time is up to 96h. The glass will shine when you toast , increasing the festive atmosphere for you. Products applied to the bars,high hotels,restaurant,casino,and ohter entertainment places,is a new high-end smart products.

Product Properties:
Inductive light, no switch,automatic flashing about 4 seconds after collision
Waterproof Design IP55.
built-in Rechargeable solar Battery.
Solar wireless charging,supporting both indoor and outdoor charging.
It is only needs 3h to be fully charged and the endurance time is up to 96h
Suitable for parties, bars, special party, wedding events
A nice gift for your family, friends.

Power Source : Solar Power 5.5V/120MA
Light Source :LED
Battery Type : 3.7V 180MA Li-ON
Charge Time : About 3 Hours
Working Time : 1000 Times light up
Led Color: 5 kinds of colour
Battery: 3.7V 180MA Li-ON (included)
Capacity: 350ml
Item Size : T*B*H: 70*80*140 mm
Material: glass
Weight: 500g
Color: Clear 

1.The Shock sensor is sensitive,please do not crash
2.Do not put under open fire because of electronic components
3.please turn the cup upside down in the sunlight or under the sunlamps when charge