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steel wool machine-MKR-500G

steel wool machine-MKR-500G

Yancheng Maicrete Machinery Co,.LTD


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Steel wool is a new kind of Metal fibre material,its fiber can reach
4um, Natural state is similar with fleeciness cotton. It can be used in a wide range of applications, Chopped steel wool is mainly used in friction materials, like Brake Pads; Cutting steel fiber is mainly used to Construction of concrete, etc. steel wool is mainly used in daily cleaning, Industrial rust, decontamination and Polishing etc.
In addition, steel wool also can be used in powder metallurgy , Refractory materials, Conductive plastics etc; at the same time ,take the same process equipment, also can produce various kinds of stainless steel wool, copper steel wool, aluminum wool, and other metal wool products, etc,which were widely used in Many high-tech fields ,such as metal filter, Sound absorption Under the high temperature, shock absorption Under the high temperature and making metal fibers, etc.
My company researched and developed steel wool production line since 2001, so far, our company is the only enterprise that have the core technology of steel wool production line in china. This machine not only has filled the Chinese domestic blank in this field ,but also are sold to Africa, Southeast Asia and Middle East and have won favorable comments from general customers.
MKR-500G production line ,according to the same production line abroad ,we continuously improve the quality of machine, that performance of products will be more and more excellent.
In addition,the production line has many advantages ,such as reasonable process design, Convenient operation and maintenance, energy-efficient, Environmentally friendly and high efficiency ,etc.
Especially in making knife holder, adopt unique "no clearance process."(knife holder clearance Less than 0.05mm), without replacement lifelong.( we have applied patents for the Process method),not only reduce the cost of consumption for blade, knife holders,but also Improve the product production and the quality of the products. Under the guarantee of raw materials, Can produce high quality of various specifications and types of steel wool.