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Gel Seal Closure for 4.3-10 Mini Din Connector

Gel Seal Closure for 4.3-10 Mini Din Connector

HarshMet Technology Ltd


Uploaded on 1 year ago

HarshMet HGS series gel seal closure for sealing coaxial cable jumper-to-feeder, jumper-to-antenna, jumper-to-RRU, and jumper-to-TMA connectors exposed to the outside environment. The housing contains an innovative gel material and provides an efficient moisture block effectively water-proofing the connectors. HGS series gel closure are re-enterable, reusable and tool-less, making it time-saving, cost-effective and installer-friendly weatherproofing solution for the mobile base stations industry.The ease of installation and the long term protection makes it a reliable and cost eff ective sealing solution for outside plant cables and connectors