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30-500 TPD maize four Rice wheat processing line

30-500 TPD maize four Rice wheat processing line



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30-500 TPD maize four Rice wheat processing line with factory price

HASEN IMPORT&EXPORT CO., is leading grain processing in china, our integritied Grain deep processing Machine and wearhouse management factory is the first found factory in China in field of grain processing machine.

We supply complete integritied equipment sets and wearhouse management of grain/ rice/corn/ flour/maize/sugar,/soybeans/tea/potato/animal feed/... deep processing machine of maize,/flour, rice, corn,single peeling /grinding/polishing machine, different kind of pulverizer separator and classifier,sieves and plansifter,centrifugal ventilator,pallet machine,hammer mill, packing machine and other machine parts, we supply different design for different cost to meet various demand of customers in the world.

The advantage to cooperate with our company is that we are obtain integritied system line from A tot Z with strong technical base over 50 years, we provide whole technical support from initial stage of design to end finishing products, also we are are matching our products line with BUHLER products.

Section ONE: Raw Material Cleaning Section
During this section, raw wheat/maize will be cleaned 2 or 3 times by sifter, destoner, magnetic separator, scourer etc. then the wheat will be cleaning enough for dampening and milling, the flour produced can be good quality, less bran residue, white and shinning, delicious taste

Section TWO: Wheat/maize Dampening section
After first cleaning, Wheat/maize need to be dampened and conditioned in silos to suitable moisture contained, and then start the second cleaning before milling.

Section THREE: Wheat/maize milling section
If the wheat/maize is dampened within several hours and with suitable moisture, they will go for second-cleaning and the start milling
Roller mill has 2 types: Frequency conversion double roller mill or Pneumatic double roller. Inside there are 2 pair roller, totally 4 rollers in each mill. Both of them are European standard, good quality, high precision and fully automatic. Using life reach 25 years.
Plansifter: Separate and screen flour according to the size difference, big sieving area and working efficiently.
Purifier: Separate fine flour grits and flour with bran grits to improve flour quality

Section THREE: Wheat/maize packing section
Fully automatic controlling system with a lot of balancer, sensor, etc.
Automatically display raw wheat, clean wheat, flour, bran instant flowing quantity, flowing percentage, and a percentage for a fixed time.
With working history checking system.
With fault alarm system.
With printer.