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Auto rice mill plant price capacity of 50-500TPD

Auto rice mill plant price capacity of 50-500TPD



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High-quality rice mill plant superiority:

1.High output,
2.Less power consumption, less broken,
3.Low noise
4.Compact/Steel structure

High-quality rice mill plant Teatures:

High-qualityrice mill plant include a series of continuous production sets that work from cleaning,husking,rice and paddy separation,polishing of rice,grading.The whole set is composed lf some main equipment such as pre-cleaner,de-stoner,paddy husker,paddy separator,emery roll whitener,air-jetting iron roll whitener,white rice plansifter,water mist rice polisher,color sorter,and some other assistant device such as magnetic separator,winnowing,transportation, electric control,end product warehouse and other vacuum packing machine,rice husk adsorption,rice bran system.

The equipment is mainly apply to produce high precision rice and various grades . the rice whitener work with multi-machine lightly grinding process, the processed top grade rice show to be luminous and contain less bran. The combination form including flat land installment and the tower installment. There are various kinds of output ,to say daily production as 30TPD, 40TPD,50 TPD,80TPD, 100TPD, 200TPD,300TPD,500TPD,1000TPD, 300TPD,500TPD,1000TPD and etc.