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H-beam pile extractor

H-beam pile extractor

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Working principle
H-beam pile extractor grip the pile head with its clip and hydraulic cylinder compulsory jacked pile clamping apparatus, make it rise up a certain distance, then pull out pile hop by hop. It is used in clay, sand or containing a small amount of gravel soil to pull out the i-beam pile or h-beam steel piles.
Engineering application scope

H-beam hydraulic pile extractor is mainly used in municipal construction, pipe laying, engineering, sewage treatment, supporting the construction of tunnel. Recycle the H-beam steel piles to reduce the disposable of h-beam piles and reduce construction cost. The whole machine can adapt narrow space and insufficient space on the top of site.

Product application
1.Similar products currently use separate pile drawing machine while our company use autonomous design one-piece structure hydraulic pile extractor. Integral lifting operation more easy and cost less time
2.Suitable for 500mm-700mm h-beam piles and other commonly used specifications pulling operations. If you need to pull out 900mm h-beam piles, then it needs custom-made.
3.BY-BZJ-500DS Hydraulic pile extractor, modern design, chassis removable. No matter how dense is the steel pile, it can also easily pull out.
4.BY-BZJ-700LS Hydraulic pile extractor, design is more human nature, efficient. Equipped with double oil-saving cylinder, it has the function of regulating speed and can save more time. Wireless remote control, easy to learn.

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