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chocolate feeding and packing line

chocolate feeding and packing line

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Automatic food process and packaging system for swiss roll and layer cake
1.Product introduction of automatic horizontal wrapping equipment for swiss roll:
The automatic food process and packaging system is also named sink type feeding and packing system, which designed for soft product coming out orderly with space, like swiss roll, layer cake, and sandwich cake. The packing speed is up to 150 bags per minute with air charging device.

2.Main Function of food flow packing machine:
1)Swiss roll packing line consists of distance controller, sink type conveyor, auto sorting unit and packing machine. This system will help Swiss roll or other cake product auto aligning, distanced, distributing and delivering to the sorting unit and finish packing in order to keep a continuous and orderly production with lower waste and beautiful package. Alcohol spray and air charging is optional.
2)Single line packing speed can reach 80-150bags/min.
3)Whole packing system adopts 220V, 50HZ, single phase. Total Power is 21KW

3.Advantage of automatic food packing system for layer cake:
1.The horizontal packing line equipped with auto aligning device and protective cover. Auto correcting device is optional.
1.Down material orderly and deliver to sorting unit to guarantee high speed stably and locate accurately.
2.Simplified structure, easy operation, convenient cleaning and maintain. Easy adjustment for different products or parameter setting.
3.PU belt can be discharged without tools and equipped with hopper to get product waste, which easy for cleaning and maintain.
4.Control system uses high quality electronic, intelligent PLC, touch screen and good HMI, operating more simply and convenient.

Applicable for packing Swiss roll, layer cake, sandwich cake and other regular product. Connected with former production line by automatic feeder or manual feeder.